The best thing about being lost..


Just compiling some photos.

I thank God for this moment because I got the chance to take these pictures. By the way, I took the photos last April 19, 2015 at Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines.

It was my first time in Manila *insert ignorance* 😀

Now, going back. It was not really my plan to go to the place but I was lost. Hahaha

My friend and I met at SM Mall of Asia to experience Ice Skating *insert ignorance again :D* (my friend stays in Manila) now after that, She just instructed me how to get back to the condominium I’m staying.

“PARA PO!” (a Pilipino word: it’s like a prompt for the driver to “stop” the vehicle for you to step out when you reach your destination.)

“PARA PO!” Then I stepped  out of the jeep. I was looking around and I was like “hey! This isn’t the right train station that I reached!” However I was not scared because I have my phone, I can just contact my colleagues *sending message…* [ ! ] Message not sent! [ ! ]

Got no more prepaid load. So what happened next amazed me. 😀

I know I am almost there because I can see the condominium. It is one of the tallest buildings there and it is near Robinsons Manila. So I was not afraid. 

I have passed many streets because I am just looking if I am getting near, and so when I got out of a small street, I was in a shocked state lol just kidding. I was just surprised because across the street is the Roxas Boulevard and I was really seeing that beautiful view.

Without further ado, I crossed the street and waited for the sun to set. It was really one of my unforgettable ‘Lost’ Story.

TWIST: After passing by many streets, I saw the condominium just right in front of the bay walk. I guess it was only three blocks away. LOL *sigh* such a relief! 😀





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