I’ll take you back in time and back again.


“It is not possible to go forward while looking back.”

-Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

*Pictures were taken at Vigan, Ilocos Sur also known as the “Heritage Village of the Philippines”.

Going there, from Manila to Ilocos takes about 8 hours via land travel. You can get there by a bus or van but I guess the bus will be better if you need more leg rest.

Soooooo.. it was a long travel. Now here’s the story:

When we reached Vigan, I was really amazed of the structures as being “old” but what caught my attention was the modern fast food chain in vintage architecture: “McDonalds”. That is the reason why I featured the photo because it is just so unique. Among all of the franchise of McDonalds, it’s the only one in the Philippines of such architectural design.

Calle Crisologo and the El Carruaje

It was like traveling back in time. Some structures remained there and it was built during the 16th century when the Spaniards colonized Philippines. They still use “Kalesa”, “El Carruaje” or Carriage as the highlight of transportation specially when you tour around Calle Crisologo, the most famous street in Vigan.

You can hire the Kalesa for Php 150.00 (about USD 3.00) and it will take you to Calle Crisologo.

It felt like going back in time specially when we passed by the said street which really gives off a vintage vibe; the road and structures were mainly made up of coral stones.


More old pictures from Ilocos..

The Passage.



San Agustin Church.


NEXT STOP: ILOCOS NORTE.                                 

Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte


Obviously, these are fans lol. Just kidding. These are the famous Bangui Windmills which provide electricity for the province. It is also one of the tourist attractions there because they are really amazing and gigantic. The wind in that place was really strong, enough to make the giant propeller spin.

Pagudpud , Ilocos Norte

Pagudpud is known for its beach and wide sea shore. The beach is clear for it faces the Pacific Ocean.

Amazing Right?  Ilocos is already achieved on my bucket list.

How’s our quick virtual travel? Did you enjoy?
Cheers! Till next time again..





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